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EPROM Ultraviolet ( UV )   Eraser
Erases All Windowed Devices in Minutes
  • Capacity:  15+ DIP   parts 

  • ERASURE TIME : Typical 15-20mins

  • Timer: 60 Minute Electronics  Auto-Shut OFF

  • POWER: 115 or Optinoal 220VAC or 240VAC

The ERA-T6 UV Eraser is an Ultraviolet fixture designed to eraser all legacy UV Erasable programmable devices, such as EPROMs and Microcontrollers with exposure to UV light for a period of the 10-30 minutes. The unit is equiped with a 60 minute auto shut off timer that can be preset to the desired Erase time.
The unit can hold as many as 15 devices at once and comes with a slide in  metal tray .
 Extra Large Capacity UV Eraser
 Utlralite Max : Eraser Up to 100 Devices
 Price : $1295.00


Ordering Information:              PN :ERAT6-000  Price: $195.00  Warranty: One Year. Made in USA.