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Very High Speed Universal 8 Socket Gang / Production EPROM, EEPROM, Flash , Device Programmer

         Programming for Memory, Flash and Microcontrollers

 48 Pin DIP Sockets Accept Devices from 8 Pin to 48 Pin Directly Adaptors availabe for surface mount devices.

General Features
  • 8 independent fully isolated 48-pin ZIF sockets
    Support Flash, EPROM, EEPROM, Microprocessor with 5 Volts and 3 Volts
  • Program 8 pieces 8 MB Flash chips within 45 seconds

  • Auto-sense, self-start with standard/semi-concurrent mode

  • Independent modules allow flexible configuration

  • Universal adapters for 48TSOP/44PSOP/40TSOP Flash chips support . BGA , EBGA , QFFP, TQFP

  • Customized MCU support

  • Project file save/load function 

  • Print port interface with auto switch power supply

  • Supports Windows 95/98, Windows 2000 , Windows NT , Win XP, Vista, Win 7 32 bit, Win 7/8  64 bit .

  • Software update via Internet

  • Connect to PC via USB or Parallel port

  • Full Year Warranty and Support

Technical Features:

The GangStar-Pro is a USB based gang programmer. It features 8 pcs fully isolated 48-pin ZIF sockets, extremely high throughput, standard 5V and 3V chip support, device insertion and continuity check. With PC-based design the device update through software gives customer more flexible and quick access to the new chip support. The GangStar-Pro supports EPROM, EEPROM, FLASH in the introduction. Future software update will include 87C5x, 89C5x , and PIC16Cxx microprocessor.

The GangStar-Pro has flexible design. If customer has special chips that not in our standard support list, we provide a special program that allow the GangStar-Pro become a customize special chip production gang programmer.

Auto-sensing and self programming
The LabTool-848XP has implemented a patented technology: after the chips are put into the ZIF sockets, LabTool-848XP will check if the chips are inserted properly and have good contact. The system has an adjustable timer so that if the poor insertion is not fixed in time, LabTool-848XP will shutdown the socket of poor contact socket and program the rest of chips automatically
Project file "Save and Load"
Customer can save a project file which contains the device selection, buffer data and all programming option settings. The project file can be loaded at any time for future use. Engineer's design and settings can easily pass to production department without mistake

Unbeatable speed through semi-concurrent programming technology
The GangStar-Pro’s on-board intelligence reduces the system’s overhead. It programs 8 pcs of 8Mb flash chips (Intel 28F800B3) within 45 seconds. An experienced operator can program thousands of high density chips per day. Further more, with the semi-concurrent programming capability, you can divide the 8 sockets into two groups and program one group of 4 chips while removing or inserting the chips of the other group simultaneously.

Flash Intel 28FXXX





Blank Check

3.9 sec

7.1 sec

13.8 sec

27.2 sec


11.6 sec

22.6 sec

42.7 sec

85.0 sec


8.5 sec

16.5 sec

32.4 sec

64.4 sec


Ordering Information:

Partno: PROGST-848U   Price:$2995.00